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Updated on 12th July, 2012

.Did you read that a self-appointed team of enthusiasts has subscribed to a fund to pay for research that will allow them to publish and maintain a database of the names and some other known data of all Sweet Peas.  When that happens we will announce it on this web-site.  Meanwhile, the best substitute to use to avoid a clash with history when naming a new one is Mark Rowland’s list, to be found at


A New Database

What About More Irish-bred Sweet Peas?

Well, Sydney made his last cross in 2002, and from those days he still has some lines to explore, with Thomas Butterly doing the trials and selling the cut-flower.  And Chris McAleer is already involved in hybridising.  At the Rush show we saw not only his established FCC mauve, Bridget McAleer, but another fixed seedling called Josie, and we know he has made some more crosses this season.  And who can tell who knows who else will take up the challenge?.

Here’s some good news. Chris McAleer has agreed to take on the duties of Principal of a Finishing-school.  There has been a tremendous response to a photograph on the cover of the latest Sweet Pea Annual, showing a new pea called The Duchess.  Strangers have been phoning, “Where can I get seed?” But they can’t - not yet.  You see, the Duchess has still to go to finishing school: she needs to be trained to look beautiful all the time, not just when she feels like it.  

Chris will go back to the previous generation and sow seed from the generation that produced The Duchess, as well as sowing seed from several plants of her own generation.  From a selection of the best flowers from those sowings he will sow seed, hoping to find one that he can demonstrate will produce exactly the same beautiful flowers for generations.  It will take years, but I think Chris has the patience and the enthusiasm it will need - I  believe he’ll succeed.