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This is where you can discover the Cooltonagh range of Spencer Sweet Pea varieties, bred in Ireland for gardens and flower arrangements all across the temperate world, to the greater glory of the living God.

Perhaps the colour range available in Sweet Peas is as wide as in any kind of flower: apart from blues as pure as in gentians or Himalayan poppies, and yellows, all the clear, fresh colours are there.  Their perfume ranges from negligible to overpowering.
The height of the different classes of Sweet Pea plant also covers an amazing range, from the dwarf Cherubs (TM) and Cupids that are little more than 20 cm high to the most vigorous Spencer Sweet Peas that can climb to 3 metres without any special treatment.   Most of the several types of sweet pea have tendrils for climbing, but some bushy types have extra leaves instead.

The main purposes of this web-site are to give you pleasure and to make our varieties better known. You can buy their seed from Roger Parsons Sweet Peas or from the suppliers we name here, The web-site is for you to enjoy, so please make sure you see the photo shows.

Sydney Harrod

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