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**** The National Sweet Pea Society's web-site is probably the most generally useful one, with information about membership, articles for sale, shows, book list, culture, trials, pictures of varieties, and related species.  There are some fair pictures, though spoiled by watermarks, of  varieties growing on cordons.  A great thing about this site is that it's kept fairly well up to date. Go to

**** Mark Rowland’s, a Sweet Pea (and other Lathyrus species) information web-site, provides clear information that is mostly reassuring to newcomers. There are sections on pests, diseases and disorders, shape and colour, and articles about discovery and development of various types .  There are also reference sections of considerable interest to enthusiasts, covering genetics and, now, an extensive directory of names. Go to

*** Royal Horticultural Society: The RHS has a very extensive web-site, ( but access to some of the information about Sweet Peas is dispersed through the site.  Most AGM awards for Sweet Pea are now listed (find them under Lathyrus) at

Several trials reports are shown in files accessible from this page: - %20and%20Pea&txtcate=selected

* The Scottish National Sweet Pea Carnation and Rose Society: The Scottish society’s web-site at /sweetpeas.htm has been revised and now includes a slide-show.

Graham Rice's superb monograph called The SWEET PEA Book is still available in hard-back and soft-back editions, ISBN 0-7134-8737-2 and 0-88192-595-0 respectively.  See or simply

If you can read Dutch you will probably find the Netherlands’ Lathyrus Society’s site very interesting: if you can’t, It’s still worth a visit for the pictures.  There are lots of thumbnail pictures taken at their shows this century: look for the “Tentoonstelling” pages and click on “Fotogalerie” in them. The more recent thumbnails can be clicked to show large versions of the pictures.  Go to

Peculiar Sweet Peas - a small web-site describing and discussing a few abnormal forms of Spencer Sweet Pea was extended on October 30th, 2009, and may be found at

Links to More Sweet Pea Information

Cultural methods at Cooltonagh: We are compiling a photographic record of the way we do things at Cooltonagh - not because it’s a good way, but because there are growers who are interested.  The first pages will soon be viewable on another small offshoot of the main Cooltonagh web-site.  Meanwhile, if there are any subjects you’d like us to include, please send us an email at:

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We now have another superb monograph to enjoy - Roger Parsons’ recent book Sweet Peas An Essential Guide.  It packs in lots of information and is easy to understand.  The history of this species (20 pages) is better told than elsewhere, and the section on other species (another 20) is as good as you would expect from the holder of a National Collection. The cultural advice is sound, the chapters on using the flowers are excellent, and Roger has been fair and modest in his coverage of available varieties.  Sadly, the many photographs vary from superb to disastrous - a big let-down, and probably not Roger’s fault.

Revised, and links verified, on 4th December, 2012