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Sydney Harrod’s personal opinions and comments.       Links were verified on 3rd January, 2013.

**Delfland Nurseries Ltd (Jill Vaughan and John Overvoorde) are professional plant raisers who have started supplying “organic” plants grown in two well-chosen selections, each sort ten plants to a tub, ready early in April.. To give them a try, visit

**** Eagle Sweet Peas (Derek Heathcote) sells Spencer and Old-Fashioned seed. Many of the Spencers are Eagle introductions not to be seen elsewhere on the web. The recently upgraded web-site has a number of portraits of Spencers that are probably the best specimens on the web, and they are now unobtrusively copyrighted.  Go to

*English Sweet Peas (Agrifusion Ltd) sells a wide range (~ 70) of old and recent Spencers, almost 30 antique heirloom grandifloras and half that number of modern grandifloras. Picture quality varies but is never good enough to warrant a moan about the watermarking!  Go to

*** Keith Hammett - seeds from a score of named varieties from the world’s leading innovator can be ordered at his own web-site: see Somerset Sweet Peas for six of them, or visit

*** Kerton Sweet Peas (Phil and Joyce Kerton) sells Somerset-grown Spencer seed and plants.  Originally Kerton specialised in varieties from amateur raisers, but now includes some good own-bred peas. Crisp cultural guidance is given but sadly the pictures are misleading.  Go to

** E W King & Co Ltd (Monks Farm, Coggeshall Road, Kelvedon, Colchester CO5 9PG) A fast site but confusing: has a big selection and some mediocre pictures - go to

King’s printed catalogues are very good: ask specially for the Sweet Pea ones.

*** Matthewman Sweet Peas (Dave and Pauline Matthewman) sells seed of Spencer and Old-Fashioned sorts, with an emphasis on reliable exhibition varieties.  Nine old-fashioned varieties are offered.  The web-site offers pop-up pictures of 23 of the 37 Spencers listed, but the only web picture of their orange Clementine Kiss has disappeared. Go to

** Myers Sweet Peas (Darren Myers) a new site offering 31 good exhibition Spencer varieties and four old-fashioned ones.  The catalogue is a PDF document and comes from a green text  “catalogue” link on the home page of the site which is reached at

***** Owl's Acre Sweet Peas (Mark Rowland) supplies seed and flowers. On line, a very well discriminated collection of 40 standard and fancy Spencers and 30 Old-Fashioned varieties is available, with a fully illustrated catalogue annotated as to suitability for purposes, as well as books, cultural advice, etc.. The steadily expanding range of dwarf and early-flowering Sweet Peas is second to none.  At Owl's Acre web-site, picture quality is generally very good. Sadly, large photos are still watermarked to discourage copying. To buy, go to which can also be reached through the original and more informative site.

**** Roger Parsons Sweet Peas sells the widest range of Spencer varieties, which includes some older ones not otherwise available and several exciting novelties.  All other classes including species and Cuthbertsons are represented too.  Roger puts great professional emphasis on stock and seed QUALITY.  This is a slick web-site, with some updated photographs, and it is backed up by a good price list and sensible collections and pricing and a superb printed catalogue.

Go to

*** Somerset Sweet Peas (Peter King) This relatively new site consists of a mustard-and-purple section and a .pdf catalogue offering seed of no fewer than 28 Spencers (seven also available as plants), 6 old-style and six Hammett varieties at prices cheaper than most. The gallery pictures are reliable and mostly very good, but don’t respond to their names, just to clicks on unlabelled thumbnails - the name appears just after the picture.  Go to

*** Unwins Seeds Limited (Alconbury Hill, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 4HY) has a wide range of Spencer and other varieties, displayed on an efficient and attractive web-site that covers much more than Sweet Peas.  Many of  their varieties are described and pictured.  If you click on the picture, a description page will appear showing more of the  picture. Click on the nearby thumbnail picture and you get an larger picture in a black frame. Many of the pictures are dramatic, some look artificial.

Go to

The following specialist firm is not yet listing its Sweet Peas on the Internet:

Peter Grayson, 34 Glenthorne Close, Brampton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 3AR

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