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The general seedsmen listed on this page mostly sell mixtures, but with some named varieties as well.  Here Kings and Unwins stand out from the rest:   We suggest you write for their catalogues - both companies offer a great many named varieties, always reliable as regards colour,.and produce special Autumn catalogues in which Sweet Peas feature prominently, as well as producing their fuller, annual catalogues.

The following links should help you to find the Sweet Pea seeds listed among the many thousands of other flower and vegetable seeds offered on the world wide web by these general seedsmen.

DT Brown and Co. (near Newmarket) offers a few Singles and several mixtures:

Chiltern Seeds (near Ulverston) has Stylish, Royal Family singles, and a few heirloom sorts:

Samuel Dobie & Son (at Paignton) has a few more now, some the same as Suttons - go to.


Mr Fothergills Seeds Ltd (Newmarket) now with four “virtually self-supporting” Solway varieties:

Just Sweet Peas Ltd has disappeared from the web - Yorkshire folk can try Myers Sweet Peas

E W King & Co Ltd (Monks Farm, Coggeshall Road, Kelvedon, Colchester CO5 9PG) -you could ignore the web-site: Kings’ printed catalogues are far better, ask specially for the Sweet Pea one.

Nicky's Nursery Mail Order Seeds (mail order only):now a very easy site, with some pictures:

Sarah Raven's web-site has descended to the dangerous error of showing culinary peas as well as flowers if you search for Sweet Peas – give it a miss.

Seeds-By-Size (near Hemel Hempstead): Sadly John Size, who offered hundreds of Spencer varieties, even sorts up to sixty years old: and plenty of old-fashioned kinds, has disappeared from the Internet.

Simply (Norfolk) This big firm of plant suppliers offers old-fashioned varieties and Spencers, a few of these being recent introductions.  I find the site and its name change confusing  There are some beautiful photographs, and some as misleading as some of the descriptions! Deplorably they include perennial Lathyrus as Sweet Peas.  Still go to

Suttons Seeds (in Paignton) A list of mixtures and a few named varieties can be found at

Thompson & Morgan (in Ipswich)  lots of mixtures but some good singles too - an efficient site, worth a visit -

Unwins Seeds Limited, - renowned for seed quality and viability - write to Unwins at Alconbury Hill, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 4HY for their “UnwinsDirect” Autumn and Main catalogues,.or ‘phone UK 01-480-443-700. Like Sweet Pea flowers (if cut), the catalogues keep coming. Site at

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