Rescuing a Rhodo from underground attack

Posted by: Sydney in May 2013.

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Winston compiled and illustrated this feature on how to identify male and female holly plants, and on holly propagation, in October 2014.

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Our first item on pruning and shaping plants consisted of three photos illustrating the “Chelsea Chop”, contributed by Margot in October 2014  

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“How to Invite Butterflies” & “Bee Kind” (to bees) Sydney based on The Garden articles and books in Feb 2015.

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   Weed Control

     May 2013


Sexing Hollies

October 2014


Pruning and Shaping

    October 2014


  Food Plants

 For Wild Life

February 2015


  Plants To      Beware Of

November 2015

Choose and Donate

    January 2016


Trees and Shrubs

    March 2016

shrubs donate beware

Latest additions 21 Nov 2015

Sydney and Kay in May ‘15

Sydney in Mar ‘15

Ann N in Mar ‘15:(Monkshood)

Sydney Feb ‘15 entered notes from the former web-log.

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First choice made in January 2016 - books.  Treasurer now has the resultant donation.

Big axe now on offer.

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2nd draft, with better layout, covers trees,  big shrubs, and smaller shrubs that have all thrived in this district. In March 2016 Azaleas were added, as was a check-list to assist in choosing which favourites you should send in for inclusion.

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As Item One in our Growing Food series, Alan Hamilton has given us a nice concise summary of his experience of growing apple trees in the Foyle valley over 15 years, with specific advice about the sorts that do well here.



  Fresh Advice on  Gardening Topics  December 2016


Danny McLaughlin spoke and demonstrated on Choosing Plants for us on November 17th, 2016: Click the Advice button  (left) to see a selection from his words of wisdom.

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Fruit & Vegetables   December 2016


29th November 2016

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