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Dave Atherton

Coastal gardening:

Margot Caldwell

Environmental issues:

Ann North

Floral art:

Daphne McCartney, Mary Orange, Anne Jones

Food crops:

John McGonigle, Brian Thames, Alan Hamilton

Horticultural science:

Louis Orange, Winston Winters

Meconopsis (Blue poppies);

Winston Winters

Nursery practice:

Brian Thames, Winston Winters

Pond and water features:

Winston Winters

Sweet Peas:

Sydney Harrod


Sydney Harrod

Woodland gardening:

Daphne McCartney

Naturally enough, the Society does not set out to provide a formal advisory service, but we have some members with sufficient expertise to be of help to others on these particular subjects.

The following members have consented to having their numbers listed in case advice is needed on their subjects:

Lay your pointer over a name to see the number

              7 April 2017