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Notes for speakers and projectionists:

The society has public-address equipment to supplement normal speaking if desired.

If you can state the ideal distance from your projector to the screen, we can arrange for the seating to accommodate that before you set up.  

Please communicate with honorary secretary Mrs Joan Winters, NI 7181 0890, or her deputy Mr Alan Hamilton, NI 7134 4394.                           CLOSE by clicking here -->                           

Our evening meetings normally start at 7:30 p.m.

         20 April 2017

Programme for remainder of 2016-2017 season

The newest Members Notes are from Danny McLaughlin’s talk about choosing plants for your garden, which was given on November 17th.                Click wisdom to see what he recommended.  

Saturday April 15th  -  Amateur Daffodil Championship of Ireland, hosted by Coleraine Gardening Club at the Guide Hall (behind the Presbyterian Church), Terrace Row, Coleraine: open 2 pm - 4 pm.

Saturday April 22nd - Alpine Garden Society Spring Show at Greenmount College, CAFRE, Antrim, open from 11:30 until 4 PM.

May-time  -  Members are welcome, a few at a time, to visit Kay Atherton's extensive collection of Rhododendron at 15, Temple Road, BT47 6TJ, on any day during their peak flowering period, which runs from late April until late May.

Saturday. May 20 th - Two special gardens open from 11 ‘til 5 pm,  at Newtownstewart and at Drumconnelly Road, Omagh.

Saturday May 27th  -  Exclusively for our members, Daphne McCartney's wonderful garden is to be open from 2 pm: an admission charge of £5 will be to benefit Cancer Research.

Saturday July 1st - Coach Trip  -  A trip to a guided tour of the roses at Sir Robert and Lady Dixon Park, Belfast, and a visit to the Belfast Botanic Gardens. Details to be announced later.