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St Columb’s Park House

The red marker shows the location of the large house where most of our indoor meetings are held.

You will make a sharp right turn as you approach the house, passing the main entrance door and then proceeding past the house to reach the parking area.  

Stopping near the entrance is only permitted for essential unloading, as the courtyard is narrow.

There is a ramp for wheeled access from the left side of the entrance. The meeting room is entered at the far end of the hall inside the main entrance.

Refreshments are sometimes served in an attractive cafe area lying to the right of the meeting room.

St Peter’s Church Hall

The red marker shows the location of the church hall where the annual Spring Show is held.

The big light-controlled roundabout at the north-western end of the A515 Foyle Bridge is the nearest landmark, built where the road off the bridge meets the A2 Culmore Road at right angles.

For those travelling south-west on the Culmore Road towards the city centre, the gateway down into the church grounds is the second entrance on the left after that roundabout.

There is parking space behind the hall as well as in front of it.


Summer Outings

Navigation directions for Society outings by car will be provided on a separate page:

Click this button if it is lit up green - the page is then available:-                                                                                

Car Route

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