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Varieties: Blue

Karen Harrod  (field ID code NOBL 23/3/1/3/23) Closely related to Chris and Futuristic but not so easy to breed (mid-blues from this cross like to throw a few huge wishy-washy pinks), eventually the colour came reliably true and the great size was retained, matched by powerful stems.  In 2006 Glasgow awarded Karen Harrod the FCC while the PC for Exhibition and our fourth F C Harriss prize were awarded at Wisley.

Karen Harrod
Light Blue flanked by Mid-blue Seedlings
Blue Beguine
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page amended on 2nd December, 2012

Billy Ensor (field ID code PNSutton): this sterling mid-blue was submitted to trial in Glasgow in 1977, but failed to gain an award.  It was a very prolific re-selection of Noel Sutton, and possibly it was not recognised as a sufficient improvement. Sometimes when we see a pea with short branchy root systems, we could wonder whether there’s some Billy in the blood-stream, but actually it was not used in any hybridisation, and Glacier is a more likely source.

Blue Beguine (field ID code NOBL 1/6/1/2) Our first mid-blue for many years, Blue Beguine is consistently well formed with good placement and ample length of stem.  It keeps on flowering, and was awarded the C of M in 2004.

Chris Harrod  (field ID code NOBL 23/6/2) Every stem on our cordons was of exhibition quality, an entrancing luminous light blue we believe will be exhibited with great success and enjoyed in many homes.  In 2005 the AGM and AM for Exhibition were added to the C of M earned in 2004, leading to our third F C Harriss prize, awarded because Chris Harrod was considered to be the best seedling at the Wisley trials of 2005.  Introduced by Kerton Sweet Peas in 2007.

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