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Varieties: Lavender
Zillah Harrod

Solitude (field ID code NOBL 3/4/70/2) At last a ‘fixed’ lavender derived from the most outstanding seedling NOBL 3/4, therefore a very consistently well-shaped exhibition lavender with plenty of frill and sweet perfume.  Solitude was one of two top scorers in the 2009 Glasgow trials which experienced drastically wet weather, resulting in the award of its First Class Certificate.

(Photo by courtesy of
Fred Dunning, RHS
Garden, Harlow Carr)
Second Honeymoon
Second Honeymoon
page revised on 13th January, 2010

Frillyfella (field ID code KABL unk1) A pale violet colour flushed on a white ground, with uncommon very pale venation.  Frillyfella is derived from a 1993 cross between maroon Karen Reeve and a long-stemmed light blue selection from the PACE cross.  With its reliable shape, placement and vigour, it was commended for wonderful scent and (as Frilifela) awarded a PC (for exhibition) in 2001.

Second Honeymoon (field ID code PACE 7/12/8) A heavily scented light lavender with a white eye, excellent shape and very long stems, this pea has done well in Dublin shows but the exhibitor must delay cutting until the top flower has developed its colour. Eight years after its C of M in 1993, it won a Bronze Award for Garden Decoration. Although adopted by Suttons Seeds in 1993, it was marketed by Dobbles only briefly due to crop failure, and is still in steady demand from ourselves.  A vase of Second Honeymoon won the Colledge Cup for best lavender in show at Christchurch in 2009.

Zillah Harrod (field ID code NOBL 3/5/1) Our first attempt to challenge the many excellent self-coloured lavenders has received favourable comments wherever it has been seen.  PCs for exhibition from Harlow Carr in 2004 and Wisley in 2005 have been topped by Scotland’s First Class Certificate in 2005.

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