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Varieties:  Maroon
page revised on 13th January, 2010

Magnificent Maroon (field code KAMO 4/1/15)  A big and shapely flower, rich in colour and a fairly dark maroon, although not approaching the black depths of Windsor.  The plan was to achieve a bigger maroon than Burnished Bronze, using the shape and reliability of an Eclipse seedling but adding the size from Karen Reeve.  What resulted was a big, challenging variety with the colour of Karen Reeve - including the blue eye at the back of the standard,  The increased size comes in part from deeper standard petal lobes, which are easily trapped in the calyx when grown outside. However, when grown in steadier conditions under glass the flowers open well and make a handsome contribution to the cut-flower bunch.

Edd Fincham
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Magnificent Maroon
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Burnished Bronze

Burnished Bronze (field ID code CLIP 9/9/8)  This has proved a very consistent exhibition pea, bred from Captain Lewin back-crossed with Eclipse in 1985:  The maroon colour is enhanced by a glossy sheen and extends to the base of the standard petal without blueing.  With a robust texture and good weather resistance, it won its FCC in 1991.  Introduced by Kerton Sweet Peas.

Captain Lewin (field ID code LEWIN 2/5/13/2)  Named for a fine naval officer who kept the stock alive while we were away in the USA, this dark maroon was selected from offspring of a shapely maroon rogue in an outdoor row of Eclipse: One pod of the rogue’s seed had been saved through the use of a wigwam of Dutch lights.   HC (for exhibition) 1985.

Edd Fincham (field ID code LEWIN 2/5/4/1) A purple maroon and a very vigorous selection from the same strain as Captain Lewin and shown at the same trials, where both were highly commended (for exhibition) in 1985.  Suttons Seeds adopted Edd Fincham on account of its scent as well as its colour and form.  The colour here is actually Doge Purple: the nearest RHS colour seems to be 77A.   Edd was a favourite uncle who grew Sweet Peas near Mildenhall, in Suffolk

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