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Varieties: Mauve
page revised on 28th September, 2012
Introduction > Our Varieties > Mauve

Baronscourt (field ID code PACE 63/6/9) A mauve selected from a cross made in 1985 between Aerospace, a white which has contributed a little extra frill, and a rogue maroon in Eclipse: it was awarded a C of M in 1994. Introduced by and still available from Kerton Sweet Peas.

Hannah Beth (field ID code KAMO 23/6) A very pale mauve flushed on a white ground, derived from a 1994 cross between Karen Reeve and a Baronscourt reselection: we love its classic form.  Awarded C of M in 2000, Hannah Beth was launched by Kerton Sweet Peas for 2004-5. Hannah Beth Fincham is a beautiful young lady who is a descendant of Edd Fincham.

Magnificent Mauve (field ID code KAMO 15/3/1/4) Something different, also from the KAMO cross, and a challenge for the skilled exhibitor: it is so large that the sap flow must be kept steady to maintain sufficient petal texture and to prevent trapping of the petals in the calyx.  Superb under cover, where these requirements are more easily met.  Awarded a C of M in 2003.

Mount Stewart (field ID code KAMO 4/7/7) This mauve child of the KAMO cross achieved the Bronze Award for Exhibition in 2001,  whilst  at  Unwins Seeds’ own trials it was decided to adopt it for general distribution. Unwins launched it in 2004 as ’Wisley’ to mark the bicentennial of the RHS.

Bridget McAleer  This is breeder Chris McAleer’s introduction to his big rich mauve: -

“Firstly, in 2003, I crossed  Percy Thrower and Dark Passion. From this cross I got six seed, but only one germinated.  From its plant I harvested twenty five seed , the next year I got ten plants, all of them came true.

In 2006 I exhibited it in a mixed vase at Balbriggan Rose Show where it was placed first. In 2007 it was one of my four vases in the  "All Ireland Sweetpea Championship" and obtained Best Vase in show. Since then it has been one of my "Bankers" in the multi vase classes, and been awarded several" Best in Show awards". In 2010 I named it after my lovely wife.” In the following year the seedling scored 21 points in the Glasgow trials, earning Chris the Scottish society’s First Class Certificate.

Hannah Beth
Magnificent Mauve
Mount Stewart
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Bridget McAleer