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Varieties: Index to Pink Shades
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These are pale or light  pinks, on a white or a cream ground. The pink may be more of a rose or a salmon shade.
Soft Pinks
Soft Pinks
The classification of pink Sweet Peas is problematical. The inherent difficulty of dealing with a very wide variety of colours is compounded by the characteristic many sorts have of developing overlays of different, stronger colours when flowering in strong sunlight.  These overlays can range from orange to crimson, but the official classification will be orange-pink or orange-red depending on the balance between the underlying pink and the overlay.   Ironically, the best-known truly orange-red variety is called Geranium Pink.  In view of these difficulties, we prefer to group the stronger pinks in the traditional ways.
We do not grow magenta pinks because they clash with many other colours.
Medium-strength warm pink colours, usually on a cream base: some are capable of developing a rich overlay.  
Strong pink colours on a white base. Where a rich overlay develops, these flowers may even look strongly red but they always retain a noticeable white eye.
Medium-strength cool “rose” or “almond-blossom” pinks: some are capable of developing a strong overlay.
Salmon  Pinks
Cerise Pinks
Rose Pinks
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