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Varieties: Red

Roubeena, (field ID code MOWI 8/3/13/3) arose from a hasty last-ditch concern not to lose the crimson from Winston Churchill: we crossed the last crimson seedling with two good seeders, in this case using the biggest mauve available in 1998, actually the precursor of Magnificent Mauve. Ruby-coloured Roubeena has proved rather too short of stem for exhibition work, but as a rugged and floriferous decorator it has few equals, and has now been recommended for further assessment in 2010 towards the Award of Garden Merit.

Renown, (field code NOWN 25/24) Roubeena’s cousin bred from the 1998 cross with the good seeder Nora Holman (our very vigorous white ground form) has larger crimson flowers on longer stems, winning the CoM in wet 2009 trials at Glasgow.  The rich texture seems to ignore the threat of rain-spots on the velvety wings and the shinier standard petals, but its greatest value is the way its pure crimson makes almost all other companion colours look even better - only the magenta colours look uncomfortable in the presence of Renown.

page revised on 13th September, 2012

Coraleena  (field ID code WINP 203/2/7/5/3) long known by the field name Scarletina, gets its scarlet from the influence of the crimson Winston Churchill  and has passed it on to Mark Harrod . Coraleena is a bushy floriferous variety, quite suitable for garden decoration but not big enough to attract the attention of exhibitors.

Dave Thomas, AGM (field ID code LSS2) Named in memory of Valerie’s father, this bright scarlet cerise pea arose as a sport from Captain Lewin.  Unlike the ancestral maroon rogue, which had proved to have red and Eclipse parentage, this was the result of a mutation and bred true from the start.  It was the best seedling at the Wisley trials in 1997 and has won the AM, C of M and Bronze Award for exhibition and the AGM and Silver Award for garden decoration.  Introduced by Kerton Sweet Peas.

Derry Scarlet (field ID code WINP 115/7) Post-war crimson gold medallist Winston Churchill was crossed with a maroon LEWIN selection in 1985, leading to this bright scarlet selection that bred true: highly commended for garden decoration in 1991.

Mark Harrod, CoM 2005 (field ID code BUSC 2/5/4/7).  In common with Dave Thomas, Mark Harrod has Eclipse in its ancestry, but this time, as in Derry Scarlet, the scarlet comes from Winston Churchill. The size comes from Mrs Bernard Jones, and all three parents have contributed to the classic form.  There is still room for more fluting of the petals, but overall we are delighted with this vigorous pea and expect to see it in some wonderful exhibits.

Pocahontas, AGM 1996 and 2006 (field ID code GLAZO 28/2/2/1) The colour is in the Geranium Pink and Alice Hardwicke tradition, crimson heavily overlaid with vermilion, now officially known as orange-red.  The parentage: IZZO (Percy Izzard X Southbourne) was crossed with Glacier in 1986 for a hardier plant having bigger better seed.

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