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Brook Hall AGM (field ID code JISC 48/12/4). Selection 48/12 from a Jilly X Coraleena cross was a vigorous, very bushy white. Brook Hall was the offspring with longer stems than its sister seedling, Saint Anne, and won its AGM in 2002. It creates a perfect balance between garden effect and cut flower for the house.
Varieties: White and Cream
Glacier (field ID code LEMWE 7).  From New Zealand Dr Keith Hammett supplied f2 seed of his cross between Leamington (the best lavender in living memory) and White Ensign.  Glacier (f3) was selected at Cooltonagh for the charm of its icy chartreuse-edged white flowers and its ability to ripen seed in the open here.  The SNSPS awarded it the C of M in 1977.
Janetta Harrod (field ID code EL18/10/1) A cream offshoot of the plan to bring the salmon pink on cream of Evelyn (early-flowering) up to Spencer size.  The creams at the first and second selection stages were small, so this one at the next stage was a surprise and a delight.  It won C of M in 1994 and Mother chose it to bear her name just a few weeks before she died.
Saint Anne (field ID code JISC 48/12/3) Named for the glorious Dublin park where it made its show debut as a seedling at the Millennium Rose Show, Saint Anne is a sibling of Brook Hall that produces even more blooms on its bushy plants, though with shorter cutting-stems.  It received the NHS Bronze Award for Garden Decoration at Harlow Carr Garden in 2001.
Jeannie (field ID code JANTU 69/4) Leonard Montague’s pet name for his wife Janetta seems a very appropriate choice for the best cream bred from her cream Sweet Pea namesake.  Long strong-stemmed Jeannie was awarded the C of M in 2004, exactly ten years after the cream parent won the same award.
Glasnevin (field ID code NOBL 3/8/4) Our best exhibition white Sweet Pea yet available, bred from stronger variants selected within Nora Holman and Bristol. Glasnevin is launched at a time when there are several other contestants for the ’best white’ crown.   First Class Certificate in 2004, then PC in 2005.
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White Paprika (field ID code MENO 8) A  very frilly white, based on a cross between Memorial Flight and a strong-growing selection from among the forms of Norah Holman that have a white ground. It must be grown under covers.because it develops pink freckles in sunshine after rain. Awarded PC at Wisley in 2002.
Futuristic (field ID code NOBL 23/1/2/5) This big frilly white won a C of M at Glasgow in 2004, but needs further selection to eliminate wing defects.  We called it Futuristic because it may lead to highly bud-drop resistant varieties.

Snowlight (field ID code NOBL 3/4/1/3) Snowlight is closely related to Glasnevin, and won identical trials awards two years later than Glasnevin.   The difference between them is in the quality of their heterogenic (i.e.mixed-genes) lavender predecessors at the F3 generation (see pedigree).  One of them, Lavender  NOBL 3/4, was the most consistently well-shaped Sweet Pea we have ever grown.  Glasnevin's lavender precursor (NOBL 3/8) was also beautiful, but not quite so consistent.  So we expect that a hundred cordons of Snowlight will provide a cut with just a few more perfect show flowers than a hundred cordons of Glasnevin.  No photograph would show any difference between them - unless, perhaps, a future picture that included the silverware they had won.

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